The PaaSport project has a four-fold focus that will be achieved through research and innovation related activities:

Objective I: to establish a pan-European Cloud marketplace, in order to:

  • provide the European Cloud PaaS vendors (in particular SMEs) the reference framework, and the enabling technologies and tools that will allow them to become part of a single, interoperable marketplace, and
  • remove semantic interoperability barriers and enable the unified access to different PaaS offerings, thus facilitating cross-platform deployment as well as transparent and seamless migration of the European Software SMEs’ business applications.

Objective II: to support sound decision making towards selection of the best-matching PaaS offering based on the technical, computing and business requirements of the European Software SMEs’ business applications.

Objective III: to evaluate and verify the usability, applicability and adaptability of the PaaSport architecture, models and marketplace infrastructure by developing proof‐of‐concept demonstrators which will be applied in different scenarios and setups across the enlarged Europe.

Objective IV: to promote the awareness, the use and the adoption of the PaaSport research results (architecture, models, marketplace infrastructure and demonstrators) to the members of the participating Software SME Associations, in order to create a sustainable business ecosystem.