Expected Impact

The implementation of the proposed PaaSport Marketplace is going to resolve longstanding Cloud PaaS interoperability and portability challenges. On the one hand, PaaSport will enable European Cloud vendors (in particular SMEs) to roll out semantically-interoperable PaaS offerings leveraging their competitive advantage and the quality of service delivered to their customers, making their offerings more attractive and improving their outreach to potential customers, particularly the pan-European software industry. PaaSport will also facilitate European Software SMEs to identify and deploy business applications on the best-matching Cloud PaaS offering and to seamlessly migrate these applications on demand. Therefore, PaaSport contributes to aligning and interconnecting heterogeneous PaaS offerings, overcoming the significant vendor lock-in problem and lowering switching costs. Hence, the innovation-related activities of the European Software SMEs will be supported, thus boosting the EU economy.
The PaaSport project addresses the business needs and operational requirements of the European software SMEs and the European SME Cloud vendors in the field of Cloud PaaS interoperability and application portability. As the software SMEs have restricted resources to allocate in R&D activities with regard to secondary corporate objectives, the proposed project provides participating SMEs Associations (representing a critical mass of Software SMEs across the enlarged Europe) with potentials and financial support to outsource a critical mass of RTD activities in the field of Cloud interoperability to industrial partners, research institutes and universities.

The participating associations have identified a business opportunity that would:

  • provide them with a competitive advantage,
  • solidify their presence in the market and
  • increase their market share and business portfolio.

The proposed Cloud brokerage will add value by

  • removing the vendor lock-in barriers, guaranteeing that the data and the applications are not locked-in the PaaS offering being aligned with the EU Cloud strategy via alleviating the application and data portability barriers and
  • facilitating SMEs to easily find the PaaS offering that best fits their needs, hence facilitating the introduction and deployment of more Cloud-based business apps and hence fostering innovation.

PaaSport aims to introduce a migration approach for applications which are built and deployed on Cloud platforms. It aspires to promote the provision of new service and business models, while meeting regulatory requirements and policy objectives, building upon and actively remaining in line, reusing, capitalizing on and contributing to existing standards, e.g. Cloud resource models, architectures and APIs. The PaaSport consortium plans to promote the PaaSport Cloud-broker Architecture, models and common PaaS API to relevant standardization initiatives, focusing particularly on CAMP.