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i video. Instagram di, jessica Troiano jtro_fitness). 133 Followers, 131 Following, 10 Posts - See. Instagram photos and videos from, jessica Troiano jessphillyfly). jessstroiano) Foto e video di Instagram Jessica Troiano jtroiano24) Instagram photos and videos Jessica Troiano je_troiano) Instagram photos and videos Follower: 1361, seguiti: 1403, post: 147 - Guarda le foto e i video. 369 Followers, 370 Following, 74 Posts - See. Instagram photos and videos from, jessica Troiano jtroiano24). 350 Followers, 127 Following, 62 Posts - See. Instagram photos and videos from, jessica Troiano je_troiano). jessica troiano instagram


Riding this.5 inch White cock. Todays workout involves swings, cleans, squats, squat/press, and bent over rows with 20-pound center mass bells in each hand. Lola is spending tonight at her dads so I have time to buckle down and work. I get up after pressing snooze twice (my usual ritual and head down with the dogs to feed them breakfast. Answer emails and negotiate a few contracts for work. I get my cardio in through teaching and I pay my trainer per session for each of our workouts (125/hour). I also stop at Starbucks on the way to pick up a grande coconut milk latte (4.91). Head home for some lawyer work and a late post-class breakfast of that veggie and spinach frittata I made. On this day, Flywheel instructor Jessica Troiano leads three classes.

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Leave to take Lola to school. Daily total: 125 Friday Grains and veggies for dinner. Video thanks to @rdfitness101 Make sure you squeeze the #glutes at the top or as I say make #uglybutt to ensure you are engaging the #booty Need help with nutrition or exercise? Meal prep for dinner and next day and eat lunch. I was an athlete in high school and lost my fitness in college. I lie down with Lola and we play our usual Reiki healing music to fall asleep. I go to the corner coffee shop, Green Engine, for a matcha latte and a plain toasted bagel with cream cheese for Lola for breakfast (7.79).

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Starbucks for another coconut milk latte (4.91) and then the train ride home. Time to shower and spend a little bit of time with the boyfriend while Lola finishes her homework and reads (and, who am I kidding, watches Riverdale on her laptop). And he still loves his Zeus the most! Welcome to, sweat Diaries, Be Well Phillys look at the time, energy, and money people invest in pursuit of a healthy mistress veneto bacheka incontri varese lifestyle in Philly. Leave for school drop off. Take a class at Flywheel taught by my mentor, Abby Geartner (she rules, take her class!). Take Lola to school. In law school, I began my journey back to health and I have never looked back. I discovered I had what is called a reactive lung, which was not good for smoking. Xtend bcaas in blue raspberry. I quit smoking and starting exercising again. jessica troiano instagram

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